Our Company

We are a Full-Service Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Distribution Company based in Lahore that specializes in redistribution of FMCG and sought goods. At present we have distribution of two FMCG companies and one sought goods company as follows:

FMCG products

1. Sole distributor of “Treet Corporation Limited” in Lahore. A company recognized for its shaving products that are known for their quality and affordable prices not only in the country but all across the globe as well.

2. Local Modern Trade(LMT) distributor of “National Foods”, Hilal Food” , Olper’s.

Sought goods

1. Area distributor of “HiTech Lubricants” in Lahore. It is a synthetic oil lubricants company with products for Passenger Cars Oil, Diesel Engine Oil and Motorcycle Oil. The company is well known by its brand name ZIC.

Unparalleled Knowledge

Make better distribution decisions through our expertise.

Nationwide Reach

Our distribution network is the largest in Pakistan. We cover all across the nation.

Technology Driven

We make use of Enterprise systems to always stay ahead of your expectations.