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Distributed Network

First of all, let’s talk about the distributed networks, we can define distributed network as in a supply chain, a distributed network is an interconnected group of storage that provide facilities and transportation systems that perceive inventories of products and then deliver them to customers. It is an intermediate point to get products from the manufacturers that manufacture the goods to the end-users, either directly or can provide facilities through a retail network. A fast and reliable distribution network is necessary for today’s instant grand society of consumers.


Distributed networks come at the after manufacturing part of a supply chain (when supply the products), the flow of goods and services and including all processes that convert raw materials into final products and supply into the hands of consumers.

Understanding Distribution Networks

The supply chain for products that can involve a far-reaching distributed network and depend on the product and where the end-users are located. A manufacturer may have a distributed network to serve wholesalers, who in turn have their network to ship to distributed networks operated by retailers, who at the last link of the supply chain would sell the goods in their retail stores or end-users means the end customer.

The location where the products have to supply and infrastructure quality are important attributes of a distributed network. Also, the storage, handling and transportation functions at a distributed site are set up first to fulfill the particular needs of the company to serve the products its customer base in a geographic area. This can be a high level of sophistication at a single site and it can be by extension, the whole distributed network to optimally process order flow of already manufactured goods, whether a handful of the huge amounts of items such as farm tractors or thousands of SKUs for a retail chain.


In a supply chain, a distributed network is an interrelated group of storage facilities and transportation facilities that receive manufactured goods and then deliver them to retailers or the end customers to fulfill their requirements.

It is an interconnected point to get products from the manufacturer to the retailer then retailer to the end customer, either directly or through a retail network.

A fast and reliable distribution network is essential in today’s instant needs society of consumers.

Example of Distributed Network

Amazon is the best example of a distributed network. It started its distributed networks by different products. This started with different products that Amazon sells. The customer chooses the product and then in a limited time the amazon gives you that product.

Advantages of Distributed Network

The biggest advantage of a Distributed network is that it drives you the profitability, which directly impacts on the supply chain or customer satisfaction. If you are providing the customer a reliable distributed network it will make you competitive and make your trust for the customer.

Some other benefits of distributed networks are that they reduce cost, more transparency and collaborations, make wide your customer and also fast customer growth. You will think that it is very difficult to access the huge network. It also sounds like a complex task.

But it’s not it is not so easy but an easy task to perform. You just need some facilities to provide good to the retailer or end customers..

A distributed network is based on customer satisfaction. As I mentioned about Amazon it is based on all over customer satisfaction and they provide the facilities to the customer according to their requirements. This is how distributed network task is easy!

Elite Brands Limited

Elite Brands limited’s distribution network for growth-oriented businesses that has large and strong nationwide.

EBL distribution network is the largest distribution network in Pakistan.

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What EBL offers

EBL distribution services extend across different domains and industries. It provides the customer with a range of services that are tailor-made to suit businesses’ distribution requirements.

Expertise in FMCG

EBL takes products from warehouses to retailers as soon as possible to meet demand-and-supply.

EBL understands the importance of getting products to the market or getting products from the warehouse to the retailer. Helping reputable brands like Treet

EBL Is a delight to deal with those brands and it is in one of the things that make EBL famous. These are wholly professional about marketing and have a wealth of knowledge about the business of distribution.

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