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Distribution Companies in Pakistan

The activity of selling and supplying goods from manufacturer to customer is known as “Distribution”.

Why distribution is important?

Distribution of goods from manufacturer to consumer is important for equal distribution of goods that are necessary for life in every corner of a country. To distribute goods strong management is needed and also a network of distribution is important. Some companies made their network for distribution.

Here are the top leading distribution companies all over Pakistan which include:

EBL Pakistan

Networking marketing was started in Pakistan in 1996 after 50 years of launch in the World. In the beginning, many people engaged with this business with the hope to lighten up their lives. Many companies started this business but due to the high price of products that are out of reach to the common man, it failed. People loosed their hope. To see this third person started scam as people buy many costly products without their needs. Expert economists considered from 2000-2016 the period of fake digital marketing.

In November 2016 Mr. Shargeel with his broad wisdom, kind behavior, and experience in the networking market started EBL in Pakistan. Many large companies discouraged EBL in Pakistan but time proves that EBL is a successful and large distribution company.

EBL offers benefits

  • EBL is the first pure binary plan company in Pakistan.
  • EBL is the maximum distributor networking company in the world.
  • The company provides a cheap, fast and better business plan.
  • Daily base income transferred to their account either in jazz cash or easy paisa.

The logo of EBL represents “success together”. And through working company proves this. A person joined EBL then he makes contacts with friends and community. In this way, a community or networking chain became and everyone who engaged with this gets a benefit.

EBL offers products like jewelry sets, energy sources, herbal products and many more.

Indus Traders

This company is of a leading marketing product, distribution, and manufacturing company. Since 1995, this company starts a small business in Karachi and nowadays it become a leading part of the manufacturing industry. The company’s head office is in Karachi, Pakistan.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Pakistan

This is a well-known firefighting equipment company in Pakistan. In this company, all types of fire equipment like a fire alarm, Hose Reels, Hose Boxes, Sirens for alarm and many pieces of equipment like these are mad, repaired and maintained. The head office of the company is Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Decima Enterprises

This company mainly deals with electronic devices, information technology, and industrial automation products. This company also provides electrical services in Karachi. Decima’s head office is in Karachi, Pakistan.

Elite Brands Limited

This company deals with Hi-Tech synthetic Lubricants as well as shaving products all over Pakistan in cooperation with Pakistan’s Leading Razors and Blades Manufacture (Treet Corporation Limited). Elite Brand’s head office is located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Best Chemical Land

This company deals with all types of Shoe pipes as well as all the rubber accelerators like China clay, Foaming, Blowing, Goldtex, Latex, NBR and many more. This is one of the leading distributor companies in Pakistan in the field of rubber accelerators. Their head office is in Lahore, Pakistan.

Mas Enterprises

This is a Pakistan leading distributor company in the field of woven and non-woven polyester material, Geotextile, Construction chemicals, Construction material, Lube and Solvent oils and many more products like this. The company’s head office is in Lahore, Pakistan.

I.S Automation (PVT) LTD

This is a service providing and distributor company mainly deals in Flow Meters and Valve, Temperature Transmitters and Sensors, Level Transmitters, Control Valves, Boiler Parts, Pressure Transmitters, and Gauge, etc.


Digital Marketing

This is a major service providing and distributing company in Karachi. They also provide services about digital marketing, best designers. The head office is in Karachi, Pakistan.

Morgan International

This is a leading distributor company in Pakistan mainly deals in Cotton, Paper, Embroidery, material, yarn, metallic yarn, woolen yarn, non-woven, polyester, felt, taffeta and many more. The head office of the company is in Karachi, Pakistan.

GB Pharma Distribution

Pakistan’s leading pharma distributing company mainly deals with all types of pharma and surgical instruments. The head office of the company is in Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan.

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