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FMCG Distributor in Pakistan

FMCG stands for “fast-moving consumer goods”. FMCG goods are inexpensive that consumers can easily buy. FMCG goods include household goods like packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and other consumable things. FMCG or CPG (consumer packaged goods) are American used terms that are interchangeable that you can buy wherever in …

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Distribution Companies in Pakistan

The activity of selling and supplying goods from manufacturer to customer is known as “Distribution”. Why distribution is important? Distribution of goods from manufacturer to consumer is important for equal distribution of goods that are necessary for life in every corner of a country. To distribute goods strong management is …

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What is Distribution Companies

Marketing is a vital factor for any business. It can help the company rise and it can make a company fall. There are four elements of marketing mix: Product Pricing Promotion Distribution Distribution is one of the most important marketing mix element. Basically, distribution is the process of making a …

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