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FMCG Distributor in Pakistan

FMCG stands for “fast-moving consumer goods”. FMCG goods are inexpensive that consumers can easily buy. FMCG goods include household goods like packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, and other consumable things.

FMCG or CPG (consumer packaged goods) are American used terms that are interchangeable that you can buy wherever in the World. Now, these goods are available in Asia, across most of Europe and Oceania countries.  The term FMCG is used in Asia and mostly in Europe while CPG is used in America.


Here, we see the characteristics of FMCGs in two aspects:

From the consumer aspects

  • Constant purchases
  • Little or effort to in the selection of goods
  • Very short shelf life
  • Low cost
  • Quick and fast consumption
  • Prices of these goods comprised of online consumer prices

From the market aspects

  • High aggregate
  • Contribution margins are very low
  • Extensively distribution

In rural consumers can easily purchase these goods from their nearby town, village. In the last few years, rural people demand better and fast delivery goods due to creating awareness of brands among rural people. FMCG plays a vital role in the economy. FMCG business provides goods to rural people. A network of FMCG also employs the people. In India’s economy, FMCG is the fourth large employment providing business. This business employs over 3 million people in rural areas.

Fast-moving electronics provide awareness of low price things among people. Fast-moving electronics include MP3 players, mobile phones, earphones, digital disposable cameras, headphones, earphones, and game players.

Category management plays an important role in promoting these goods distribution. This is a retailing and purchasing system. The products are bayed by an organization from the company and sold to the retailers. In this way, a distribution network would be engaged. Grocery categories like fish, washing powders and toot pasts sold.

Companies engaged with FMCG

Many companies engaged or provide FMCGS:

  1. EBL Pakistan

Networking marketing was started in Pakistan in 1996 after 50 years of launch in the World. In the beginning, many people engaged with this business with the hope to lighten up their lives. Many companies started this business but due to the high price of products that are out of reach to the common man, it failed. People loosed their hope. To see this third person started scam as people buy many costly products without their needs. Expert economists considered from 2000-2016 the period of fake digital marketing.

In November 2016 Mr. Shargeel with his broad wisdom, kind behavior, and experience in the networking market started EBL in Pakistan. Many large companies discouraged EBL in Pakistan but time proves that EBL is a successful and large distribution company.

EBL offers benefits

  • EBL is the first pure binary plan company in Pakistan.
  • EBL is the maximum distributor networking company in the world.
  • The company provides a cheap, fast and better business plan.
  • Daily base income transferred to their account either in jazz cash or easy paisa.

The logo of EBL represents “success together”. And through working company proves this. A person joined EBL then he makes contacts with friends and community. In this way, a community or networking chain became and everyone who engaged with this gets a benefit.

EBL offers products like jewelry sets, energy sources, herbal products and many more.


Analyze new ideas in business to make a state of the art Distribution and marketing company is provided by Fair marketing Pakistan (FMP). This company is specialized in distributing only food items by focusing on its strategic management. Brands, satisfying customers and consumers through making professional management marketing, support teams, technology, and financial resources.

FMP is a leading food distributing company. It works in 60 locations of Pakistan. It works with the aim of excellence in high-quality food items. Working in FMP is look like a family, not an employee or staff relationship.

  1. Mattoo Corporation

Mattoo Corporation established by Mr. H. M. Usman Mattoo. This company started its humble beginning as a small house trading in Lahore. Its first office is located in the Red Cross Building in Shahalam Market, Lahore and at that time company started to import FMCG products and used to sell at the wholesale market Lahore.

Through MR. Usman Matto’s greater vision, leadership, and honest dedication, the company started to expand its network all over Punjab not only in Lahore. Within a short time of three years, the company starts its networking in most Pakistan.

In 1978 Mr. Tariq Mehmood Mattoo and Nauman Usman Mattoo joined Mattoo corporation and focused on the company’s achievements. They expended its network in Singapore and the Far East and introduced new brands such as Heinz, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

In 2003 Mr. Ali Tariq Mattoo as a third-generation joined this business and expended it as a distribution company.

Today Matto Corporation has a vast distribution network in over 103 cities. It is rated among the top 5 distribution companies in Pakistan. It is a self-financed company. Its head office is located in Lahore, Punjab. While zonal offices are in Karachi and Islamabad. By 2017 the company has the plan to expand its zonal offices in Peshawar and Multan as well.

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